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Addiction Treatment


Focusing on you and your recovery

At Community Family Clinic, PLLC and Casa San Pio Clinics of Appalachia you will receive expert care from our licensed Providers while participating in our outpatient drug rehabilitation treatment program. Your comprehensive treatment will take place in a doctor’s office setting and will be personalized to your needs for those seeking help in Menifee, Montgomery, Bath, Powell and surrounding counties. 


Board Certified in Addiction Medicine, Dr. Kassis understands that addiction is a disease and not a moral weakness. We understand that it is a long-term medical condition that may require treatment for extended periods of time to prevent relapse. We will help to keep you encouraged and motivated to stay on track with your recovery. Our goal is to help patients to get the treatment they need, close to home.


Outpatient Addiction



Providing the help needed

to get your life back to normal


Behavioral Health



Counseling Services


Treatment of

Hepatitis C

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